Alternatives to Pool Removal 

An inground pool can be a great addition to a backyard, but there are times when it becomes more of a headache for the homeowner. In San Diego, CA, where the weather is warm and the beaches are inviting, pool owners may find themselves facing costly repairs, losing interest in swimming, or simply wanting to repurpose the space for other uses. Whatever the reason, getting rid of an inground pool can be challenging, expensive, or even dangerous.

For those considering removal or repurposing, it's important to do research and weigh the options. Here are a few ideas for those looking to become former pool owners in San Diego:

Cement Pond

One option is to convert the inground pool into a koi or wildlife pond. This can transform an unused responsibility into a tranquil water feature that adds beauty and diversity to your backyard environment. However, this option won't eliminate maintenance or insurance costs and may require new equipment, partially filling the pool with gravel, or installing a new liner. Research the best methods for conversion and consider if the effort is worth the expense.

Convert to Garden Space

If the space is destined to become a garden plot, removal of the pool itself may not be necessary. However, holes must be drilled in the bottom of the pool to allow for drainage, and the soil required can be costly and should be effectively compacted to keep your garden plot from sinking over time. To visually eliminate evidence of the pool, the decking and top few feet of the pool itself may be removed and buried. Check if permits are required before undertaking this conversion and consider professional assistance. Although the pool may become an unseen memory, expect to disclose its presence when selling the property.

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